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Ang Lee Documentary Part 2 of 6

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Ang Lee Documentary Part 1 of 6

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Fist Of Fury : Sworn Revenge Disc 1

   This is the 1996 reboot of Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury AKA The Chinese Connection film.  The story is set in Shanghai just prior to the Japanese invasion.

   Donnie Yen captures the Chen Jun character in uniquely his own way.  It is a homage to Bruce Lee in the end.  As the movie rolls out one hears the intro music and soundtrack pieces of Dragon The Bruce Lee Story.

   Weapons in this reprise are fists galore, magic gold coins, pistols, dynamite arrows, ropes and axes Oh My!   Midway through there is ...Read more

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Fist Of Fury (Sworn Revenge) Opening

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Jackie Chan Dragon Dance 2000 at Great Wall Beijing

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Departures: A Japanese Melodrama, where this verb takes on various meanings.

   The first departure  was Kobiyashi's father.  It is only stated that he left the main character as a boy, alone with his mother to raise him, in the small coffee shop turned bar in their home.

   The next departure is  two years previous to the stories beginning. His mother is deceased and leaves him the home he grew up in.  This is where we pick up the main thread of the plot.  By now Kobiyashi has played Cello since kindergarden, and finally landed a job with an or...Read more

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Departures part 1

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Blank Subject

Another obscure Jackie interview..i have never seen.  Just to keep you going .

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Jackie Chan

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Hong Kong symphony of lights

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