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This is a two post day in a blizzard ridden Ohio.  I am going to continue with a post of The Isle another Kim Ki Duk film.  I also added a few interviews that do a better job than I at getting to the point of describing this new found directors work.   My journey into his film making is not over..still need to see Fall,Spring, Winter, and Summer and Samaritan Girl.  Ok back to the post I am doing now.

The Isle is another disturbing piece.  Again fishermen flock to this place of floating houses to fish.  There is also the small boat back and forth to each with the woman hostess/hooker bringing their needs.  One man in particular in the "yellow" float is a former cop who killed his girlfriend in a fit of jealousy.  Almost at once there is a connection between him and the hostess..be it an angry sex kinda thing.  All the while he is contemplating suicide.  Pointing a gun at his head numerous times and swallowing fishhooks as police approach.  At this point the woman in the main house saves him from the police by putting him under the float and pretending to be cleaning it.  After the police leave, the man is brought in like a fish with the hooks still in his throat.  The caretaker of the floats removes all the hooks after placing a brace between his teeth.  From this point they get along until a woman of his appears and has sex with him.  He sees her looking at them having sex because she ogles from the trap door of the float.   There is a really dark side to the owner of this paradise..and she ends up killing the woman on the scooter who is interested in the former cop.  Previous to this she crept up on a customer who had sex with her and didn't pay (won't say what he was doing), but she pulled him into the water and stabbed him without him even seeing her.

Next, the ex-policeman wants to leave and she isn't having it.  He tries to escape and she foils it ..again the angry sex..she sleeps and he finds his opportunity to make haste.  The fishooks reappear as she uses them to rip apart her sexual organs.  He hears the loud scream and turns back.  This time it is he who takes out the hooks and helps her out.

Finally, all falls apart when another regular of the float village drops his Rolex into the water because of his whore.  He calls local divers to search for the expensive watch and they find the scooter, the prostitute, and the prostitutes pimp underneath the purple float. All people that she has killed. As all this is happening the calculating owner slaps the motor on the float and the motor away from the scene with the cop.  The last frame is the former cop naked in the water and heading to a marshy grass..from there the dead naked form of the float village owner appears. Very disturbing and leaves one to wonder about the former cop and his proclivities.

Very disturbing unless one is used to this type of genre.  Found the use of conveying a story with little or no scrīpting intriguing again.

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