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Little joys...

I was sooooooooooo happy  to find this notethat my receptionist took down for me yesterday while I was seeing patients- A patient had called to specifically leave me a message, and for once, it wasn't a clarification question about medication or dosage. I was so touched when I read the message I took a photo of it (patient info cut off for pati...Read more

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Where the 3 pounds come from...

So I realize I've gained 3 permanent poundssince arriving in Hong Kong last May. I guess I don't mind. I'm really enjoying the food here in Hong Kong!

Hot pot in Hong Kong is AMAZING!  From the phot...Read more

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Nothing Beats the Real Thing!

In Hong Kong, you get THREE days off for Chinese New Year. Some people (those residing in China or whose work has ties with China) get the entire week off.

Previously, people had told me how busy the festive holiday gets.  I didn't know "BUSY" meant waking up every morning with a listof relatives' homes (spanning all of Hong Kong!) to visit. We literally travelled all around Hong Kong, much more in those first 3 days of the year of the ox than we would i...Read more

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Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

I have only celebrated Chinese New Year in Hong Kong 3 times in my life, before immigrating to Canada 20+ years ago. Now that I'm back, this year (tomorrow) will be my 4thtime.

I had dim sum with my in-laws today and will be meeting up with the entire in-lawfamily for dinner tonight as well as tomorrow night (and I believe the night after tomorrow as well). We will also visit some relatives from my side, but right now, for me, Chinese New Year might as well be called the "in-laws holiday".  Not tha...Read more

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Bella's Wardrobe (as inspired by Peachey)

Although I don't spritz perfume on Bella's fur neck or give her Evian water to drink or tote her around town like a fashion accessory (Did anyone see the movie, "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"? ), I do like to pamper her by buying her outfits.But before half of you start lecturing me about torturing/ forcing my puppy to wear these outfits, please note that we rarelydress her. The only time we put clothes on her at home was when the temperature plummete...Read more

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To the Ladies: How upset would you be?

When a friend told me what happened to her, I was quite upset for her. Are we overreacting? (I'm addressing this to the ladies out there but guys, feel free to leave your two cents. )

So this is the story:

My friend's husband likes taking photographs (just like MrAC does). One weekend, he tells her that he's going to some photography class. She thinks nothing of it... until she accidentally finds out that the photography class basically consisted ...Read more

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A photographer and a former Miss Hong Kong

Although I get my share of odd patients (such as those who give out "i-think-he-just-crossed-the-line" compliments or those who send me emails asking me to confirm the prescription instructions- a dozen times), I don't usually get frightened by them. But this morning, I was frightened. Or perhaps, freaked outis a better word.

My receptionist was nice enough to come in to tell me my next new patient had arrived. She usually just buzzed me in my room, but this time, she came in and said, "...Read more

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Poo Art, Sending My Cousin Off and Causeway Bay = Dangerous Place?

Can someone please tell me whatmy puppy was thinking when she made this poo creation? Last week, I found her (to my surprise? to my horror? ) in the middle of this " poo art":

She looked at me sheepishly surrounded by her creation. Read more

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Lost her tooth! =0

At 4.5 months, Bella(our Bichon puppy) has lost her first baby tooth. Her right front tooth is gone. Not sure where the tooth went. The vet said that dogs usually swallow them and no one would know...

As you can see, even her lower front teeth are becoming loose (and, as a result, look crooked in this photo).

She's a smartone. She responds w...Read more

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Beefy Kobe

We took a day trip to Kobe during our stay in Japan, mainly for one reason: BEEF. MrAC just had to hunt down the beef. Apparently, Kobe's beef is world-renowned.

More on Kobe beef quoted from Wiki:

"Kobe beef ( 神戸ビーフ ?) refers to beef from the black Tajima-ushi breed of Read more

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