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On August 24th, 2008, a cute little Bichon Frisé was born. She and 2 brothers of the same litter made it out to a pet shop in Hong Kong. One day, when she was 3 months old, she saw a young couple hanging around in the shop. She made sure she put on her best behaviour when they picked both her and her brother up to see which one they would provide a home for... Instead of frantically licking her potential owners (which her brother was ecstatically doing), she did what she d...Read more

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Swimming at the W and My Childhood Friend's Wedding Dinner

The swimming pool and whirlpool at the W Hotel Hong Kong is located on the 76th floor, where you get a magnificent view of Hong Kong from above.

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The W

Spent the weekend at the WHotel in Kowloon West- got a free night. ( http://www.starwoodhotels.com/whotels/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=1965

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"Let me see your duckies..." ;)

I have patients who are children and it's so hard to examine them sometimes. They absolutely HATE the ear exam (looking into their ear with the otoscope) and they'll do everything to squirm out of it. They're usually also wary about opening their mouth and saying AHHHHto a complete stranger...  

As a result, I try to  make things fun. To get chi...Read more

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Props to David Tao 陶喆- He gave props to God!!! =D

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What would you do if you were pregnantOR if your wife was pregnant and you were diagnosed with CANCER??? Today, I saw my 2nd such patient case in 3 months. My 1st case was of a woman in her thirties with a rare form of bone cancer. She was diagnosed while she was pregnant with her THIRD child  (The specialists kept thinking it was a cyst in her inner thigh and kept removing it- It kept coming back...turned out it was cancer...). My 2nd case is a guy. He found out he had throat cancer...Read more

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FLAT ABS, TONED BUNS- Here we come!!!

I've been busy the past week creating a revolutionary weight management program. Not only is it going to address diet, portion control, exercise, lifestyle factors and the like, but I will also assess any possible medical conditions (such as depression or thyroid problems) and nutritional deficiencies that may be causing weight gain or hindering weight loss. I'll use natural medicines to control food cravings, monitor the body's pH level and also help the body det...Read more

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I have a new name + Singaporean delight!

It's easier to pronounce and easier to spell. But definitely not my name. A patient (who is on forums recommending others to see me for their health concerns and illnesses) has gotten my last name right, but my first name totally wrong- apparently, I'm "Dr. Arlene -----.   Oh well... as long as the last name is right and they can still find me at the clinic- that's what matters, right? Read more

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A taste of Taiwanese summer... and getting my toes licked! =0

Summer is definitely in full blast here in Hong Kong. We've reached 30+ degrees celcius every day for a while, and it's just so hot and sticky everywhere! A lot of my patients have gone on vacation (or have gone home for the summer! ). There are lots of tourists... everywhere!

Look what Hong Kong's got at Tim...Read more

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Have you ever tried "googling" your name?.. and welcome back, CONDOR HEROES!

I mean, not to be vain or anything. Just to see what comes up. Have you?

Anyway, I've been creating these new ads and I just wanted to see what came up under my name under a GOOGLE search. Through the search, I found my name being mentioned on a GEOBABY (expat) website forum (in a positive way, thank God!)! I don't personally kno...Read more

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Je suis médecin. Absolutely love my profession (and seeing the occasional celebrity at work). Also love to blog, write for different magazines, play with my dog

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