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My Interview with ASIA SPA Magazine (Current March/ April Issue) :)

Mymost recent media exposure: current issue (March/ April 2010) of  AsiaSpaMagazine!  They interviewed me on my take on diet and supplements . It's funny how the editor who interviewed me quoted bits and pieces of what I said, so when I read it, I was like, "Oh- I said that? Okee- I guess I did!"... Anyway, the magazine cover boasts the sunny and beautiful Read more

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Zucchini Bum Man + I'M SO PROUD!!!

A 62-year-old man was rushed to hospital after he attempted to take his own life the ancient way. The sexagenarian inserted a zucchini into his anus in the attempted suicide at his home in Hong Kong last Friday.

According to Ming Pao, the man's daughter who returned home at about 10.40pm was shocked to see her father moaning in pain and lying in a pool of blood.She rushed him to the hospital for bleeding in the anus.When asked by the medical assistants, the man said he wished to die and that it was an ancie...Read more

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This Just Made My Day!

Haven't been feeling well the past 2 days and even had to take a morning off work today (I don't remember the last time I did that ). BUT I felt well enough to go to work in the afternoon and this is one of the things that welcomed me on my desk :

...<aRead more

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Up-and-Coming: AARIF 李治廷

When people rave about up-and-coming artists in Hong Kong, I usually have my reservations.  It's a rarity to find talent, good looks and charm all in one package. Enter AARIF 李治廷. Writes his own songs, wrote songs/ lyrics for Janice 衛蘭, plays the guitar and drums, acts alongside veteran actors in award-winning movie "Echoes of the Rainbow" 歲月神偷, winner of several " 2009 newcomer" awards, speaks Cantonese and...Read more

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歲月神偷 [Echoes Of The Rainbow] - GO WATCH IT!!!

歲月神偷 [Echoes Of The Rainbow] has not only won the Crystal Bear for the Best Feature Film in the 60th Berlinale 2010's Generation section but also a place in my heart.

On my way back home from watching it, I called my parents in Toronto to tell them that I now finally understand what their childhood was like, and why they sometimes act ...Read more

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I vote for CONVENIENCE!!!

Yes, it's prestigious to live by the sea and away from the big city. Even more so when it's a residential building designed by Fosters and Partners. But seriously, as of now, I vote for CONVENIENCE.

Convenience = walking down a flight of stairs (albeit long) at 10:30pm at night to go to the supermarket to buy a carton of soy milk for breakfast the next morning

Convenience = walking 3 minutes to the bank for urgen...Read more

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I'm Off! À Bientôt!...

I'm off to Toronto after nearly  1.5 years of being away from my hometown!  I will miss this little munchkin the most during my vacation (she's  SMILING for the camera! Look at her pose...):

Read more

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What I go home to every day (or night) ;)

Dreamyasked if I've blogged about my new place yet. I've decided that if I blog about my new place, I should at least blog first about my current place!

So, here it is...

The foyer. Read more

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I'm going back!!! + Reflections from AsianChick since relocating to HK...

Back to Toronto. For vacation. Lots of events ( weddings ), lots of family , lots of friends .

I'm totally looking forward to  Mommy's homecooked meals, Cora's(I've blogged about their breakfasts before!), Tim Hortons (Timbits, anyone? I thought about eating some last night! )...Read more

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Saw many patients with the cold and flu last week. Didn't know there were people out there who didn't want to take Tamiflu, but there are! A parent brought her daughter straight from the hospital after being tested positive for influenza A and in the middle of being tested for swine flu because she wanted natural meds! ). Kinda got sick myself (felt horrible last night- sniffles, sweats, chills, nausea but couldn't vomit, just f...Read more

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Je suis médecin. Absolutely love my profession (and seeing the occasional celebrity at work). Also love to blog, write for different magazines, play with my dog

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