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Self Destruction?

We Canadians have recently been seeing GREEN. That is, we have suddenly developed great interest in preserving the environment and taking serious measures in reducing global warming. I guess we are finally realizing how these toxins and pollutants are actually destroying us and future generations to come. But isn't it ironic how we humans produced them in the first place in hopes for a "better" life or lifestyle?

Much like a "story" I recently heard from a friend... The girl in the story had a boyfriend who w...Read more

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Mind/ Body Connection

One of the patients I saw today suffers from an autoimmune disease that disfigures her skin. I have already given her body all the necessary nutritional building blocks for health, to stimulate her body's healing capacity. But today, I realized that she suffers from much more than just physical signs/ symptoms. As I asked more about her life, about the stresses in her life, I realized that so much more was happening on a deeper level. Throughout the counseling session, she recounted the toughest times of her life without shedding a ...Read more

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Long-D Relationships

When I ended my 4-year relationship (3 years of long distance) with my ex, I promised myself never to get into another long-distance relationship. They suck!!!

And here I am, halfway across the world from my fiance who is currently in Singapore (and will be there until December!). It sucks! OMG, sometimes girls just want someone to cuddle with, someone to cook for, someone to talk to, someone to just... be there. And now that the weather is soooooo nice, every couple is outside, hand-in-hand, enjoying the beautiful sun while I...Read more

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Gotta Love My Profession

A patient came to visit me last Friday and told me she's quitting her job (ABA therapist helping children with autism in the hospital) to go back to school- NATUROPATHIC MEDICAL SCHOOL! Of course I was thrilled. How awesome is that! Just less than 2 years ago, another girl with an undergrad in Life Sciences was at a crossroad. She talked to me, and I informed her of naturopathic medicine... Now, she's in her second year of naturopathic medical studies! :)

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Je suis médecin. Absolutely love my profession (and seeing the occasional celebrity at work). Also love to blog, write for different magazines, play with my dog

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