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It was hot in Toronto today. The weather stations only reported 21-24 degrees celsius but it felt MUCH hotter than that. And for some reason, the A/C in my house isn't working. :( The heat is ridiculous. It just consumes you. It makes you all sticky and hot. It makes you wanna lie down and not do anything. It makes you a lethargic, almost. For those of you who've lived in 2-story houses in warm climate without A/C, you guys should know what I'm talking about. Anyone else out there feeling that MAY is a lot HOTTER than it used to be? Sigh. Fl...Read more

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in love with my profession...

I love what I do. At an early age, I knew I wanted to be in healthcare. During my teenage years, I saw the limitations and adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs on my mom, who was very ill. I saw how a healthy lifestyle prevents disease. Then I stumbled upon naturopathic medicine (much like how I stumbled upon this AnD website!). And the rest of history.

I realized naturopathic meds really has a place in this world when my mother benefited from traditional Chinese meds, acupuncture, etc. and recovered. I realized I was...Read more

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Attended a medical conference yesterday... Visited Starbucks twice (BTW, they DO have Lactaid milk as an option to regular milk, as I posted on Daniel Wu's blog- hope he was able to find a Lactaid-friendly Starbucks in NYC), took some fresh strawberries and brownies from the conference adjacent to ours (their food looked sooooooooo good! Haha, couldn't resist), went to Eaton Center (big shopping centre in downtown Toronto) to scope out deals but bought nothing... Met up with some friends for a ramen dinner and then hung out at my best friend...Read more

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Thank You Teresayuqi!

I feel a lot better since my last blog, after reading Teresayuqi's sweet comment (Actually, smeLLyphant37 made a similiar comment before as well). :) Yeah, the "Do you know you look like Kristy Yang (Yeung)?" question began in 1998, when Kristy Yang started to appear in films like "The Storm Riders" and "Comrades: Almost a Love Story".

The first time I heard that question when some random guy came up to me in a store at Pacific Mall, the biggest Asian mall in Canada (complete with 2 levels, 2 fo...Read more

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Teenage Boy Killed in Toronto School

I got off work today, turned on the car radio on my way home and heard of the shooting at CW Jeffreys Collegiate Institute (high school in Toronto). A teenage boy was shot and killed in the school this afternoon. And the school was apparently in a lockdown where they kept all the students inside while police/ ETF did their work. How scary it must've been for them. How horrific it must be for the boy's family...

How heartbreaking it is to hear another story of senseless killing. My heart and prayers go out ...Read more

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Hello Again to Clubbing

So, it's the long weekend and the Branthouse had a special function last night (Actually, there were 2... The Citrus Flavor Event and some big May Bday bash morphed into one "Asian" night).... The Branthouse is supposedly more upscale, so a friend and I decided to go with some friends and friends of friends. We got on the guest list BUT by the time we arrived at the club (midnight?), the club was so packed there was a lockout. Basically, they were operating on a 1-person-out-1-person-in policy... And although we were on ...Read more

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Dilemma Dilemma

OK, so while other doctors may preoccupy themselves on sounding genius in an "Ask The Expert" column, I'm more concerned about which photo to submit for my bio!!! Errrr...

And now I think I look too young in the photos. :( Maybe I should've worn my glasses...? Or, tied my hair back?

Anyway, here are the final 3... Any input would be appreciated!  

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I got a call today from CITY LIFE MAGAZINE (Toronto's GTA regional magazine) and they asked if I wanted to be featured in their ASK AN EXPERT column for the next issue! They even asked me to send a photo... I'm sooooooo excited. This will definitely give me more exposure in the area. The last time I got something published publicly was my letter to the editor in TORONTO LIFE magazine in January!

Plus, my fiance is meeting up with the CEO of Eu Yan Sang tmr to discuss potential opportunities for me to start up integrative medical c...Read more

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Quarterlife Crisis? Nah...

Are you caught somewhere between being a girl (or boy) and being all grown-up? You're not THAT old. But then again, you're not THAT young anymore. You feel too old to go clubbing; you feel too young to even contemplate the responsibilities of parenthood. Sometimes you're confused. Sometimes you're excited. Sometimes you're scared.

You realize that the new colleagues joining the company (the new grads) did the exact same things you did a few years back, that you should look into buying life insurance (or ...Read more

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"I'll Never Break Your Heart"

Today, I took the day off to get my car tuned up. On my way there, I heard a Backstreet Boys song on the radio (from like AGES ago!) that literally made me a shed a few tears!!! The lyrics went something like, "I'll never break your heart. I'll never make you cry. I'd rather die than live without you. I'll give anything to be with you, baby, that's no lie."

The first time I heard this song, I think I almost cried too, because I thought it was one of the sweetest songs ever sung...Read more

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Je suis médecin. Absolutely love my profession (and seeing the occasional celebrity at work). Also love to blog, write for different magazines, play with my dog

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