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I've never liked clowns. As a kid, I was terrified of them. I think I watched some Chinese movie when I was 5 in which a clown was a killer and went off in a bloody rampage. Everytime I saw clowns at a circus or some event, I would grab onto my parents for dear life. (I've got photos to prove it. It was pretty brutal- I look like I'm going to start crying if the clown comes any closer! Poor clown...).

Then I read "It" by Stephen King at age 11 and that totally sealed my opinion on clowns. I watched the movie ("It&quo...Read more

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I got together with a few friends visiting from Hong Kong this weekend. We got into discussing the pros and cons of Toronto vs Hong Kong.

For me, although I was born in Hong Kong, Toronto is my home, where my family and friends are. Hong Kong is great for vacation- I love it there. The shopping, the convenience of everything from the Octopus card to transportation, the food...

But it's so crowded. And it's so hot/ mucky most of the time. The streets are often bustling with people who seem to be in a hurry all the time. Some of th...Read more

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The Opposite Sex

Do you guys find that sometimes it's easier to talk about some things to the opposite sex vs someone of the same gender?

I know for guys, it's (generally) easier to talk about their emotions with girls. Can't speak for other girls, but for me, I find it easier to talk to guys about:

1) tech gadgets (actually, it's more like "asking" guys about them!)

2) NBA

3) which actresses are hotter (but for actors, it's easier to discuss with girls. Guys don't really have any opinion on t...Read more

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how healthy is your poopoo? part 2

So continuing the "dirty" talk (snicker)...

Everyone's poo varies to some degree but generally, healthy poo:

1) is formed (i.e. NOT loose or messy, NOT liquidy like diarrhea) and shouldn't break apart when you flush the toilet. Logs ("bananas") of different lengths are the usual shape. Go to your doctor if you ever have pencil-thin stool, because that may indicate an obstruction in your bowels (...Read more

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how healthy is your poopoo? part 1

A few weeks ago, I did a health workshop for a college/ university group on "Health Promotion". The crowd was great- very laidback and eager to learn. I gave them the opportunity to write down "embarrassing" questions anonymously so I could answer them at the end of the workshop. One of the questions was, "How can one tell how healthy he or she is by their excrement?" Very cute question. I started laughing when I saw it, and to my surprise, they WERE geniunely interested!

Naturopathic d...Read more

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back pain anyone?

Today as I was doing acupuncture on one of my patients, I found that her back muscles were soooooooo tight. The muscles lining her spine were so hard and tight they bulged out. Upon inquiry, my patient admitted to having really tight back muscles and even lower back pain. So after the acupuncture, I did a few chiropractic mobilizations (kind of like massage but with more direct therapeutic effect on the specific muscle region). Afterwards, she said she felt so relaxed she could go to sleep in my office. I told her to seek out a registered m...Read more

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How quickly can you leave?

Last month, my mom decided to leave for a 2-week vacation to HK on Father's Day. She left within a few days!

Now, my best friend may be going to Seoul (she's a teacher here in Toronto) to be a "student escort" for 4 weeks!! She hasn't confirmed if she'll be going for sure but if she does, she'll be leaving this Friday (in 3 days)!

Sometimes I wish I could go away on vacation so easily. But with my clinic and practice, I can't! =( I need months (or at least weeks) of planning and mak...Read more

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Have you guys ever gone back to your former residences and felt a rush of memories sweep over you?

Yesterday, my mom and I passed by the house I spent most of my teenage years in... The roof shingles had been replaced (it used to be a dark chocolate colour; now it's a rich green), the shutters had been repainted, the shrubs in the front garden that used to be so tiny were now taller than me. 

I remember the day I moved out of that house. When I went back with my dad to clean it up, I remember looking around- the emptiness made...Read more

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My Engagement Photos =)

So here are a few of my much treasured photos, which I took in Hong Kong with Mr. AC100. I finally got the soft copies today (56 of them, which we picked from 200+ photos). Found out today that the 2 (heavy) portrait albums and all the extra stuff will cost around $900CDN (= ~$6300HK) to ship over from HK to Toronto using DHL. So I think I'll just wait for Mr. AC100 to bring 'em over when he comes back...

I also had a crazy dream thi...Read more

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Girls' Nite Out

Went to Bymark restaurant (downtown Toronto- http://www.bymarkdowntown.com/) with 4 close friends. Had a good time chatting and catching up. As we left, we bumped into my ex's brother and his cousins who were also having dinner there (I totally passed them by but my friends caught them and called me back- I was rushing to the washroom (Teehee). I went back, being courteous and all ;b). It's good to see old faces- I've actually bumped into my ex's brother and cou...Read more

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Je suis médecin. Absolutely love my profession (and seeing the occasional celebrity at work). Also love to blog, write for different magazines, play with my dog

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