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Dear Doc, Help Me Lose Weight!

I'm currently heading up a pretty trendy (not to mention safe, effectiveand easy-to-follow ) weight management program in Hong Kong which I developed a few months ago. The program's quite comprehensive- It strives to retrain metabolism, corrects cravings, is complete with a day-by-day menu and includes regular monitoring of acidity to ensure that weight loss is not causing harm to the kidneys and other vital organs (so patients don't end up in ho...Read more

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Watching IRONMAN 2 with Vivian Chow 周慧敏

I love watching movies at a particular cinema in Hong Kong. First of all, the cinema is set by the sea and quite a distance from the busy-ness of a typical metropolis. The aggregation of different nationalities here also makes me feel right at home (Come on- I'm from Canada ). So anyway, I caught Ironman 2 at this cinema and as I entered into the theatre, I was gre...Read more

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Off to the Maldives!

Time to sit back, relax (with a good book ) and do nothing but listen to the waves softly lapping the shore and feel the white sand beneath your feet.

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My First Time

For  3years , I waited. Don't ask me why I waited. I don't know why myself.  But anyway, I finally decided to get on the bandwagon. There were LOTS of people (There was a line-up to get in when I was leaving and I think I saw some famous peeps, but I didn't know their names). I was offered a drink (Thanks, Etchy ) when I arrived, but I declined since the next day would be an early work day for me (I have a low...Read more

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This one goes out to all my girlfriends...  Wherever you guys may be now, let's not forget our clubbing days and our head-turning, traffic-stopping ways. Love y'all... XOXO.

This one's HOT (Wonder Girls- So Hot): 


I wanna be a Wonder Girl ...Read more

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"Do you drive in Hong Kong?"

I always get asked this question. From relatives. From friends. Especially those from Canada, where most people YIELD out of courtesy to pedestrians and other cars (I LOVED driving last year in Toronto when I visited for a few weeks. Cars let me cut in- even on Yonge Street! ).

The answer is YES, I'm driving in Hong Kong now. Yes, it took me some time to adjust to driving on the opposite side of the road, to the right-si...Read more

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Me, Pearl, and Aarif

My friend Yoyo and I were supposed to go to the Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award Presentation Ceremony 2009/ 香港唱片銷量大獎頒奬禮 2009  together last night. But it turned out that she couldn't make it so my other friend Pearl took her place.

When we got inside, I was handed an AARIF sign and was told to hold it up alongside 5 other fans. I willingly obliged, with Pearl beside me.   

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Why Hong Kong Locals PI$$ Me Off Sometimes

It's no longer the incompetent bank or mobile service personel who can't seem to do anything right, nor is it the people on the street puffing second-hand smoke into my face (uh, on second thought, that still pi$$es me off ). No, it has reached a whole new level...

Scenario #1: So I get this card in the mail telling me that the mailman missed me and that I need to go to the post office to collect my registered letter.Read more

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Welcome to BIKINI SEASON!!!

Every Wednesday, I go to my second clinic for work. And for the past two consecutive Wednesdays, the weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!  20 plus degrees celsius with the sun. Since my second clinic is by the beach (Yes, I love my job and yes, Hong Kong has over 80 beaches! ), I habitually visit the beach whenever I get the chance. Virtually crowdless on a weekday!

<...Read more

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Saturday Afternoon in Sai Kung

Took Bellaand my parents to Sai Kung yesterday afternoon after work. Sai Kung is like a MEAT MARKET for Bella- Many dogs in many shapes and sizes!  Despite the weather, we enjoyed afternoon tea out on the patio.

Yes, I got bangs. My stylist wanted to...Read more

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Je suis médecin. Absolutely love my profession (and seeing the occasional celebrity at work). Also love to blog, write for different magazines, play with my dog

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