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My 2 Children

My first kid lives in a small town in Brazil. His name is Grimberg and he's eight years old. We call him Grimby. He sends me pictures that he draws a few times a year. My second kid is a twelve-year-old girl living in Mongolia. Her name is Munkzul but I like to call her "Mun-mun", after the Mongolian princess in Jin Yong's wuxia novel, "The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre" ( 倚天屠龍記). (Yes, I am a Jin Yong fan!)

As Amy_sycheng wrote in her recent blog, I too encourage you guys to take part in supporting childr...Read more

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YUMMY 冰皮月餅 (ice cream mooncakes)

Autumn moon festival is just around the corner and this year, we've got the original light lotus seed with double yoke mooncakes as well as the 冰皮月餅 (ice cream mooncakes, which has different flavours of ice cream inside) from Maxim's ( 美心)...

I've eaten 2 冰皮月餅 already! Haha. I skipped out on La Paloma's ice cream but I cannot resist these cute little  冰皮月餅. DELICIOUS!!! I was gonna take a photo of them to post up on AnD but  my cravings won over. There are still 4 left (They came in a box of 8, with 4 ...Read more

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Bourne (was) in town!

Alright, so I've already blogged about my Friday evening. I worked on Saturday, then went over to my best friend's place. We decided to go to her gym to work out. We ended up staying there for 2 hours! We did 25 minutes of cardio and then weight-training + stability exercises for the remainder of the time (we practically used every single piece of equipment there, and it was a pretty big facility). GREAT WORKOUT!!! We had dinner and then went shopping before the mall closed at 9pm. My friend couldn't help but get herself a s...Read more

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young guys... and organic dinner.

Tonight, I went to my best friend's cousin's bachelorette dinner (They went pole-dancing beforehand but by the time I got downtown from the clinic, I just made it for dinner). 

On my way back on the subway (public transit), a group of guys + 1 girl got on at a stop. 2 of the guys sat directly across from me and I could feel they were eyeing me. I made an effort not to make eye contact and deliberately shifted my hands so my ring was visible (These guys must've been younger than me, so I didn't want th...Read more

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Thank You

I had a rough day today. Just personal/ family matters. On top of work and everything else. I've gotten busier at the clinic- been seeing some really ill people lately. That definitely drains me. But I try to stay positive in all things.

Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to those of you who make up this AnD community, who have continuously read my tidbits of "life" and have left comments. Most of us have never met, but I feel like some of us have been friends for a long time... 

I also want to say THANK YOU to my ...Read more

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Last night at yoga, before class began, my friend suddenly said softly in Chinese, "The guy beside me stinks!"... And sure enough, a wave of body odour swept over me. I started giggling and I felt so bad for my friend, who was beside that guy. Class hadn't even started yet!

But after a while, I didn't really smell it anymore. Maybe because of sensory adaptation? Who knows... My friend said the BO still came in periodic waves though... Poor girl! She had to endure it for 1.5 hours. She must've wanted to faint (or throw up)!...Read more

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typical day

Went to work today, then came home and surfed the net a bit before going to yoga class.

Anyway, I know most of my photos are of me without glasses. But typically, I wear my glasses to work every day. (I'm also wearing glasses right now- at home!) Here's a photo of me and my former colleague/ associate at my clinic (in the reception area. The door behind me leads to the offices/ rooms):

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Bubble Tea (and Being Me...)

During my childhood, I lived mostly in Caucasian neighbourhoods. Social life at school wasn't the greatest. Sure, I had awesome marks (usually the highest- come on, I WAS the only Asian girl in my grade!), I joined the Track team, I had my own group of friends, but after school, I didn't really hang out with them much. I just never seemed to "fit in".

Perhaps that's why I held onto my Chinese roots so dearly. At home, I watched TVB series and Chinese movies, I spoke Cantonese to my parents, I listene...Read more

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dreaming after hot yoga

So just the other day I blogged about trying hot yoga (aka Bikram yoga). I've went twice already... The funny thing is, I dreamt of my junior high school classmates on both nights after I did yoga! Two guys, to be exact. The first night, I dreamt about an ex-boyfriend. The second night, I dreamt about another classmate who had a crush on me back in those days.

So weird... I haven't seen either of them in a while. I just know that one of them is now a smart guy making big bucks. Haha... It's all good. Mr. AC100 also...Read more

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Who's Smarter???

A friend of mine told me this observation she discovered:

In a family where there are both genders of children, the son usually has his mother's level of IQ whereas the daughter has the average/ combination of her mother and father's IQs.

This means that in a family where the father has a higher IQ than the mother, the daughter will have a higher IQ than the son. If the mother has the higher IQ, then the son will have a higher IQ than the daughter.

Of course, if there're only daughters OR only sons in ...Read more

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