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marriage proposals

An older cousin of mine was complaining the other day about how my cousin-in-law proposed to her. They were climbing some hill or on a trek or something- she was totally sweaty and the moment wasn't romantic at all- and my cousin-in-law proposed at that moment. I thought it was cute... She wanted to make him do it all over again in a nicer, more romantic setting. Teehee... I think she's just kidding.

For mine, MrAC100 flew the both of us First Class (Executive Class on UA?) to Hawaii for a week. I had been stressed trying t...Read more

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The Guy Not Taken

Have you ever wondered what happened to the guy or lady you broke up with or never gave a chance to?

Throughout all these years, I never thought I'd stop and ponder upon such things, even if it's just for a moment. But, thanks to our current technological advances, we are now able to connect to people we would otherwise never see again after high school...

A few days ago, I was on Facebook and was innocently clicking around, checking out profiles, etc. when I came across several guys who had crushes on me way back wh...Read more

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6 die from brain-eating amoeba after swimming

Have you guys heard??? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21034344/


As global warming gets worse, experts say we should expect more of these kinds of things... How sad. How scary. =(

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named by me

A new church was formed in Stouffville (45-60 min north of Toronto) earlier this year and they had a church-naming contest. I entered into it and the name I created actually won! So there's actually a church named by me.

The church name is 恩泉. It means "source/ fountain of grace". How did I come up with it? Well, if you've ever experienced God, you will realize God is that source, the source of grace.

My clinic is named   樂泉 ("source/ fountain of joy"). My father named it in hopes that all who enter int...Read more

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Last Saturday, one of my younger (20-something) patients came with her mom, who brought a nice pot of lavender-coloured chrysanthemum flowers for me! I was delighted and put the pot proudly on display in the reception area of my clinic.

That patient has come a long way. I'm happy to be a part of her journey to healing. =) I realize how good it...Read more

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Happy Mid-Autumn (Autumn Moon) Festival!

It was a beautiful record-breaking day today in Toronto (31 degrees celsius, which broke the 28 degrees celsius record set in the 1950s). But it's cloudy now. I tried catching a glimpse of the moon as the thick clouds passed by. Pretty bright.

I ate 1/2 an icecream mooncake (冰皮月餅), strawberry flavour this time. I will probably also eat some with light lotus seed and yolk filling later on. =)

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Making Love (in the music video) ;)

Alright. Can't sleep. Thought of something funny that happened at KGLo's Karaoke Bday party yesterday.

I really like Justin Lo (側田)'s song 情永落, so I chose it to sing (even though it was a guy song). The music video is quite sexy and it does contain some sexual content.

My guy friends were all playing these drinking/ dice games while I sang, but when the love-making scene came on, suddenly the dice (die?) and all conversation stopped. My girl friend and I glanced over at the guys and realized tha...Read more

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Happy Weekend

A big THANKS to everyone who commented on my previous 2 blogs (re: health (cancer) care in general and re: infertile patient's marriage situation). Both stimulated interesting thoughts and discussion.

I went to work on Saturday (yesterday) and at night, I went out to dinner with a bunch of friends to celebrate KGLo's birthday (It's his Bday on Wed, Sept 26th!!! And he's become a "regular" on AnD so please wish him a happy birthday on Wed!). After dinner, we went to sing K (karaoke) for like, 4 hours. I was sooo...Read more

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Kids and Divorce

I'm just about to leave my clinic now, but I just wanted to leave some thoughts online before I go. One patient came in today for fertility concerns (I actually had 2 patients today come in for fertility concerns). Halfway through the session, this patient told me that her husband mentioned divorce as one of the possibilities if she cannot bear him a child.

This lady has very serious reproductive problems/ conditions, has been through several IVFs (in-vitro fertilization processes, each costing $14000+CDN) without success and is ...Read more

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Cancer Therapy- Integrative, All-Natural

Some naturopathic doctors use IV (intravenous) therapy,  a form of treatment that delivers vitamins, minerals, homeopathics and botanicals directly into the bloodstream. This is something I use in my practice. IV

National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists confirmed in 2005 that vitamin C is selectively toxic to cancer cells and that high levels of vitamin C can be attained using intravenous administration. Unlike cancer drugs, IV vitamin C sele...Read more

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