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Free concert (why not? ;b) and I'm in print again!

Several days ago, a good friend of mine offered FREE ticketsto go see DENISE HO (何韻詩) and IVANA WONG (王菀之) live in concert yesterday. Both are amazing singers (the few who are actually TALENTED in the Hong Kong music industry), so off we went! It was at the Wan Chai Convention Centre. You can catch a glimpse of the skyscrapers on the left side of this photo taken inside the convention centre.

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I thought of Butter! Plus, a 2nd practice?

You know what I loveabout Hong Kong this time of year?... THE SALES!!! Shoes over $1000HKreduced to under $400HK. How could I resist? I got these lovely shoes a few days ago (a pair of JLos and Steve Maddens):

As I tried on the red pair, I thought of Butter and her gravitation toward RED shoes... Read more

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Sheraton Laguna Resort... and the end of summer (and the Olympics)

Didn't get a chance to blog about this hotel when we visited a few months back. We got one of the lagoon-access rooms. The room was really big, the decor was refreshing and relaxing, the butler service impeccable.   

This is me, with the balcony leading to the lagoon behind me.

The washro...Read more

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Typhoon Friends and AnD at Tsum Cheng!

Alright. So there's a TYPHOON 3warning now.  Not sure if it'll be upgraded to a TYPHOON 8 (which means that all schools and work places shut down). We'll see.

Did I tell you guys about the little critter friends that come out when we get these wonderful typhoon warnings???

In the photo below, they're on the LEFT. Yes, cockroaches. Apparently, they come out and go crazy around this time (when typ...Read more

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Teen "Cervical Cancer" Vaccine Risks and Deaths- What is wrong with this picture???

The GARDASIL vaccine is supposed to decrease the risk of cervical cancer by protecting the person  from certain strains of HPV, a sexually transmitted infection/ disease. HPV may cause cervical cancer later on in life. The entire conventional medical community has pushed this vaccine to all teenage girls, and it's basically mandatory for teenage girls to get this vaccine.

Today, I hear on the news of reports that 12+ girls have died after receiving th...Read more

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The Gold Coast and KIDS nowadays...

I love watching the Olympics highlights in the evening. China is doing REALLY well! 

Anyone been to Tsum Cheng and the Gold Coast? My first time was this past weekend. A friend was visiting from Toronto and we ended up having the famous BBQ goose (or duck? I'm always confused) at Tsum Cheng.

We all ate outsideand it w...Read more

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My Renee Zellweger patient and TIFFANY'S as an appreciation gift?

I have a patient who looks and talks EXACTLY like Renee Zellweger... (She isn't though... at least I don't think so!) The facial features, the way she talks, how she pauses for words and such... It's like, I've got a Bridget Jones in my office! Teehee

Of course, I am quite profess...Read more

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Haagen Dazs-buy1get1FREEinHK-... and more lovely views

There's a DELICIOUS promotion going on in Hong Kong that even I couldn't resist. Buy a double scoop cone at Haagen Dazs and get a second double scoop cone ABSOLUTELY free! (The only catch is that one scoop has to be the new mango and passionfruit flavor...) So anyway, I got the BELGIAN CHOCOLATE along with the mango...Read more

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FIRE at Mongkok right now...

We turned on the TV this morning to find that there's a HUGE fire in Mongkok, on Nathan Street. Smoke can be seen across the skyline if you look from the Hong Kong island side. They are still trying to keep the fire under control.

Two firefighters have already lost their lives in the fire. A third firefighter is currently undergoing rescue efforts on the roof of the building by his fellow colleagues. Rescue efforts are continuing as I type... People are being rescued from the windows by the huge escalators. Peopl...Read more

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How nourished are YOU?... and ANOTHER typhoon???

A few weeks ago, I agreed to give two health workshops (one in English, one in Cantonese) for the month of August on NUTRITION FOR KIDS.  They're freetalks in hopes to educate the public (and basically warn parents about the perils of malnourishing their children). The clinic marketing/ communications girl had warned me that August is a slow month and there may only be a handful of people coming. I'm very thankful to learn today that after four days of a...Read more

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