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My Canadian British French Accent...

So after my relocation from Toronto, Canada ( ), I've continued working. I'm seeing patients in Hong Kong, but a majority of them are Westerners who come from N orth America, the UK, France, Australia, Germany and even China.

As a result, I've noticed that my accent changes depending on who I talk to!... It's SO weird. When I'm talking to British patients, I may find myself saying "OL' the time" instead of "all the time&q...Read more

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The Real Thing? Check carefully... or you may lose some of your hair (like me!) =/

Most of you are probably wary of products made in China after the whole tainted milk scandal. 

My own experience:

I've been using PANTENE PRO-V shampoo and conditioner for a number of years now. When I relocated to Hong Kong 5 months ago, I didn't think twice about s...Read more

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Have you ridden on the MTR?

The MTR is Hong Kong's mass transit system for the public comprised of train (subway), light rail and airport express services.  There are at least 9 different lines connecting to form a complexnetwork. Not only is it clean(I feel comfortable dressed in my work clothes and walking around in heels knowing I won't stain anything)and convenient (you just swipe a money-loaded card, called the OCTOPUS card, at every entry/ exit gate so you never need to fumble with cash or chang...Read more

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Concrete Jungle in Hong Kong... or not.

Have you been to Hong Kong?   If so, you would probably be familiar with these views: The photo above was taken from the elevator ride at a condo complex on the Kowloon side...  Read more

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Harvard Medical School: Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer with Talcum Powder Use

Research from Harvard Medical Schoolhas linked the usage of talcum powderaround the female genital area to increased risk for ovarian cancer.

Not sure how many of you (or your mothers/ aunts/ wives/ girlfriends) use talcum/ baby powder, but I've seen my share of patients with ovarian cancer and it's usually detected in the later/ last stages.

Previous research studies were inconclusive, but this one is p...Read more

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Seeing stars in Central and (finally) COMPENSATION in Hong Kong!

Saw two celebrities in Central today. I wasn't the one who saw them (unfortunately)- It was MrAC who did. It was the lunch hour. MrAC called me up and casually said, "Hey, I see your friend."    I'm like, "Who?"    And he said, " 林峯 is walking right behind me."

  Raymond Lam  林峯and Bernice Liu  廖碧兒 were apparently...Read more

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A Bankrupt Government Buys a Bankrupt Bank AND the World's Most-Populated Country Killing its Own Babies

The Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch no longer exist. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs shares have just tumbled 35% and 25% respectively. The US government has bailed out AIG with $85B, in hopes to save the market (or at least not let it fall so badly). All in one week. Yikes...    What's next?

On the other side of the world, China is trying to save the poor babies who drank milk formula t...Read more

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Reflections of Hong Kong @ 4 months

It's been four months since my relocation and I just thought I'd share a few thoughts on this metropolitan, superstarcity of Asia...

1) Cheap food can be DELICIOUS. Expensive food can be CRAP.

e.g. The photo above was taken at Stanley, at a nice French restaurant....Read more

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(Almost) Pissing My Undies at Prive & Autograph from Yundi Li 李雲迪- read the "ridiculous" story =(

We went clubbing last night for a friend's birthday. Always nice to have your name on the guestlist. They forgot to put my name down on the guestlist but thankfully the bouncers allowed me inanyway. 

Read more

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I've been MOONED... ;)

MID-AUTUMN MOON FESTIVAL is just around the corner. Actually, in 2 weeks' time, but in Hong Kong with all the mooncake promotions, you'd think this holiday is an entire month long! Festive decor (I guess, mostly lanterns) and mooncakes can be seen everywhere.  I like the lanterns here...Anyway, while passing by a Causeway Bay shop this evening, something round and plump caught my eye.  Read more

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