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What would you do if you were dying? INTERESTING HEALTH NEWS FROM NZ



Seeing people in real life and in the news benefit from intravenous vitamin C is already proof... If we waited for Big Pharma to do studies on this (and why would they ever fund studies on natural products when there's no profit for them? What's in it for them?), this guy- and many others- would be dead.



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Hmm... totally AGREE!! "There is a time for EVERTHIN"..... ~.~
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not to be a skeptic but... he had Swine Flu, not a terminal disease. why would any competent doctor tell a relative to unplug someone who was still alive and suffering from a disease that is not 100% fatal?
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not to be a skeptic but... could it also be that he just had incompetent doctors? also what is the rate of 'miraculous' remission of diseases? probably about the same rate as stories like this.... :-P
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yes!!!.. and btw, my dad is doing better already on the supplements I found for him.. :)
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You mean pumping vitamin C would save lives? I was told the same for high cholesterol remedy. I suppose our body knows the best. I keep pumping durians when I am low in iron and feel weak. This fruit works wonder.
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