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The things in Hong Kong that still ANNOY me...

Despite loving life in Hong Kong, there are still a few things that ANNOY me :

1) People puffing second-hand smoke into your face. I'm sure they don't mean to- it's not like they do it on purpose, usually- but since Hong Kong sidewalks are typically 2 feet wide (!!!), there's not much room, is there? I just wish more would quit smoking...  <-- Not cool when the air quality is already 10 times over the limits! How long will my lungs last???

2) Things that fall from above, especially drips of dirty water (we can only HOPE it's water)/ condensation from the built-in air conditioners overhead. It happens all the time. It's particularly bad when it splatsright on your face/ nose/ cheeks... I guess it's still better than bird crap.  I heard on the news once that a lady fell off the balcony/ ledge of her apartment, and crushed a lady passing by below. Both died.

3) The Hong Kong real estate market.  Housing prices have soared over 30% since the financial crisis in 2008 and are now nearing (if not already having reached) levels right before the 1997 economic crisis/ bubble. People are buying property here as though they're buying vegetables at the market. I kid you not. There are even bids on properties, so say the seller's asking price was $1.3M US for a 1000sqft apartment in a decent neighbourhood. The seller can end up selling for more than $1.3M because there are severalpotential buyers. And then the other 1000sqft apartments for sale in that complex (naturally) raise their asking prices up 2 to 5%. You would think that $1.3M is a lot of money (My goodness, it's a lot of money to ME! )- but apparently not in this Asian financial hub. Where do these people come from??? Arrrghhh.

Sure, there are clear signs and warnings of a real estate bubble ahead (now? )- We've been warned enough at the beginning of the year.And I've been waiting for the market to cool down. At least a bit. But instead, it's continuing its steady rise. And with the strong mainlanders (rich folks from China)' continuous real estate investments in Hong Kong, will we see an actual "bubble"? Or just a "correction"? Or will it just cool down a bit and level off?...    

Sigh. So, I try to put the annoying things aside and focus on the MANY   lovelies in Hong Kong... such as this one.

Umm. Yeah, the focus is wrong (on her feet instead of her head), but it's still a cute pic, IMO! :)


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I'm with you on #1 and #2. The noxious fumes from the motor vehicles is also an annoyance. I always feel I'm damaging my lungs when I walk in HK.
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where do people get that kinda money??? you need money to make money...... I'm so used to # 1 already.. it's the same thing here in NYC.. it's annoying
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People in HK pay way too much money for way too little living space.
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She reminds me of those cute dog images where they have the dog\'s head bigger than the body, can\'t remember the brand name, she\'s cute and surely helps forget the bad things. Hong Kongers and people who have lived there for some time are really being priced out of the market, I feel sorry for the kids growing up there, it\'s going to be difficult for them to ever buy if prices keep on soaring. I hope it comes down soon for you.
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1.3million? For 1000sqft? Thats insane
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there was a spat of crazy people dropping stuff out of their windows in public housing estates... hammers, knives, etc. AC water is small potatoes! :-P
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for me it also includes stores and street vendors blocking the sidewalks... and street markets. :-P
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Bella is such a cutie... hahaa... :)
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wow!!! can't believe the real estate market is still soaring...
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