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Teenage Boy Killed in Toronto School

I got off work today, turned on the car radio on my way home and heard of the shooting at CW Jeffreys Collegiate Institute (high school in Toronto). A teenage boy was shot and killed in the school this afternoon. And the school was apparently in a lockdown where they kept all the students inside while police/ ETF did their work. How scary it must've been for them. How horrific it must be for the boy's family...

How heartbreaking it is to hear another story of senseless killing. My heart and prayers go out to the boy's family and friends. According to reporters, the school prom is supposed to be this coming Friday, but I think right now the students are so traumatized that it's the last thing on their minds. I am just so shaken at the fact that someone can just pull a gun on another person, especially in a school setting, where it's supposed to be safe. Everytime something like this happens (Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc.), we get all enraged and saddened, hoping that it never happens again... But yet it does happen again. :(

Sigh... Will write more later. Still a little overwhelmed...

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man.... seems like schools are not so safe anymore.........
over 13 years ago
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Now that I am a mother, I just really feel horrified. I mean, I feel a pit in my stomach when Kevan just falls down and bumps his head or scrapes his knee.
over 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i think they shouldn't let anyone have guns.... just too dangerous....
over 13 years ago


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