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Quarterlife Crisis? Nah...

Are you caught somewhere between being a girl (or boy) and being all grown-up? You're not THAT old. But then again, you're not THAT young anymore. You feel too old to go clubbing; you feel too young to even contemplate the responsibilities of parenthood. Sometimes you're confused. Sometimes you're excited. Sometimes you're scared.

You realize that the new colleagues joining the company (the new grads) did the exact same things you did a few years back, that you should look into buying life insurance (or at least think about it), that the conversations you and/ or your friends have are often centered around engagements and marriages, which ultimately seal the progression to complete adulthood. You meet up with a childhood friend and you guys cannot stop reminescing about your childhood. If you're single, your parents probably bug you day in and day out, telling you about "so and so"'s son or daughter who recently got engaged, or how their best friends have now become grandparents. If you are dating, you probably can't help but wonder if this is the "right" guy. If you've been dating for a long time/ in a domestic relationship, you wonder when, if ever, he will propose. If you're engaged, you wonder if you'll be able to live with this guy for as long as you both shall live.

Sometimes you want to appear mature (in front of older clients or patients). Sometimes you want to throw a slumber party and just have some fun. As your high school and college days drift farther and farther away, you try harder and harder to hold onto the memories. As you see your childhood friend walk down the aisle, you can't help but shed a few tears as you remember how long it has been since the conversations of jr high crushes, prom highlights, "I-am-going-to-fail-biochem!"... (Just for clarification, I only have one wedding to attend this year! BUT I know, there will be more in the next few years to come. And happy tears will be shed. ;b)

As yo u look at your friends or others your age, you may be tempted to compare, to see where you fall in this wide spectrum. No matter where you fall, you are encouraged to celebrate- to celebrate this unique period.

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Aww.. you’re such a cute kid. Yeah, 20’s is another discovering stage in your life, it gets more & more complicated as you grow older. I missed my high school days, it’s one of the happiest moments in my school life. I feel kinda surprised whenever I see some of my high school batch having 2 or 3 kids already, wondering, are we that old to be in the having-children stage?! Lol.
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