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"No thumbs, no thumbs!"

"Sometimes, it's so hard to be pretty..."

The sexy David Beckham on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

HILARIOUS CLIP... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In9XbjyCbnY&feature=share


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I enjoyed this hilarious clip! I wanted to hear Beckham speak cos never have. That lady lucky to have a wacko celeb to massage w/ her forefingers. LOL.
about 10 years ago
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LOL. I have to share this on my FB now.
about 10 years ago
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really farny...the way Ellen made him groan...and self praising himself....
about 10 years ago
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i think its probably completely staged. :-P
about 10 years ago
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This was cute..haha... baby peaches lol
about 10 years ago
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LOL!!!! that was hilarious!!! love the ellen show!!! :D
about 10 years ago


Je suis médecin. Absolutely love my profession (and seeing the occasional celebrity at work). Also love to blog, write for different magazines, play with my dog

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