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JAY CHOU MANIA- 10 years and counting

My first encounter with Jay Chou 周杰倫happened in Toronto, in a small karaoke room 9 (10?) years ago. I was with a group of people singing our hearts out. Suddenly, the ever-so-catchy "Tornado" 龍捲風 song came on. I didn't know who Jay Chouwas at that time, but after listening to that song, I soon knew all his songs and sang them at karaoke (or got one of the guys to )!

And finally, I got to see him in concert last night in Hong Kong. It was his last show (he had like 7 to 8 shows this time? Craziness!). Sure, his voice was crackin' a bit at times, but  his performance was suberb nonetheless.  A-Mei 張惠妹 was the concert guest! WHAT A TREAT!!!  I was catapulted into a storm of memories as they sang popular songs from the 2000s...  One of my favourites from him is  可愛女人 (Cute Gal) but he didn't sing it.  Sooo, I'm gonna post the MTV here :


My HK$900 ticket got me sitting 2 rows behind Janice Man, a colleague of the hot and talented Aarif Lee 李治廷.  Didn't see Aarif though (he's in Malaysia right now attending some awards function. )We also saw Joyce Tang 滕麗名 (my friend bumped into her in the washroom too ). Joyce Tang walked right past us as she was exiting... She is very slim and tall (and beautiful, of course!). Didn't take many photos (was too busy enjoying the show) but here are a few from my crappy camera phone:


I wouldn't mind going to see Jay Chou in concert again!

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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
I got to see him in concert a couple of years ago when he came to Toronto. If memory serves me correctly, he brought Nan Quan Ma Ma as his guests. Apparently, Lara has a friend studying at UofT in Toronto. And Lara's very fluent in English.
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It is most exciting and quite the event when you can partake of one of your fave artists' live shows, be it in a large, med or small venue. I know the feeling! But so affordable too....wahh. haha. Glad you had a great time. Did you go w/ hubby? I myself never lose my voice or get hoarse cos I'm civilized that way. j/k. :D
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Lucky you! i would love to see Jay in concert!
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ah, i would have loved to see A-mei, i keep missing her show!
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I do a pretty good cover of "bad boy" in karaoke on occasion!
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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
I remember one incident where I got pissed off at a Eason Chan/George Lam (Lam Tsz-Cheong) concert. I had been waiting for George Lam to sing this one song for a very long time. In fact, I've always wanted to hear him sing it live. But my bladder couldn't hold and I had to go pee. And when I couldn't take it, I had to go to the potty. And while I was taking a number one, I hear George Lam going "ngo hay....ngo siu man chong lok....yit huet...yit sing hung yat gwong". I stomped my feet and spouted out many words of vulgarity. Oh yeah, I was pissed off!
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Looks like you had a good time! Concert tics are so much cheaper in HK!
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sounds like a great concert.....
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I want to see his concert too!
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That's wicked awesome! I would love to see Jay Chou, too bad I don't live in Asia. You definitely should see Leehom live in concert one day!
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I used to like him alot, been to 2 of his concert in Malaysia, and the ticket price got pricier each time he was here, such price of a superstar! I queued once for his autograph too, memorised whole lots of things to say to him, but when it came to my turn, i was just became dumb...STARSTRUCK...ahahahaa...
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