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It could've happened to any one of us

It could've happened to any one of us. Family or friends come and visit Hong Kong, or perhaps you come to visit Hong Kong. You decide to visit Manila and join a sightseeing tour. You have a great time. And on the final day of the trip, you are taken hostage by a crazy guy with a rifle. The event ends in a brutal, tragic bloodbath.

The scary thing was, why didn't the police force do anything (until the end)??? Why wasn't anything done to try to rescue the hostages? Why were they so slow and incompetent? People's LIVES were at stake!!! They had more than EIGHT hours and we all see from TV coverage that the hostage-taker appeared quite calm and restrained near the beginning. Why did it take so long for the police to respond? If the police were able to shoot him at the end, AFTER he killed so many innocent lives, why hadn't they shot him earlier BEFORE he went utterly mad??? Why didn't they just oblige to the hostage-taker's demands so that LIVES could be saved? It wasn't even MONEY that he wanted- he just wanted to be reinstated!

AND WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THAT CRAZY GUY TAKE HONG KONG TOURISTS AS HOSTAGE????? I mean, he didn't even know them, they weren't Filipino- what made him think that his government would give him what he wanted if he took hostages from Hong Kong??? 

My heart and prayers go out to all the victims, all the survivors, their families and loved ones. The ones who risked and sacrificed their lives to save others are to be commended. The survivors have a long way to recovery, that is, if they are ever able to recover from such a tragic, traumatic event. I think all people in Hong Kong are feeling the same way I'm feeling right now- sadness, anger, shock, disappointment... And if we are mourning this way, how much more affected are those who've lost loved ones in this hostage-taking....  May the victims rest in peace.

How unpredictable and fragile life is. 



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It was absolutely ridiculous - I'm fuming! The guy stood there, at the 'door' for a good few minutes - and they didn't shoot him.... The rescue effort was poorly executed aswell! So many questions, so many flaws.... Just send Steven Seagal in there to negotiate, and get Stallone to shoot him down like in "Cobra" haha
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I must say, things happen and nobody's to blame. they were there at the wrong time.... what about all those daycare kids that got killed in China by mad man.. NOT once, Not twice, but multiple times by a different person at different place... why kids? they're so innocent... It's the society we live in that's scary...
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Unfortunately the authorities couldn't give into his demands as it would be seen as an invitation to any desperate person to take a hostage and demand, it is a really tricky situation, but as far as I'm concerned any hostage taker should be shot on sight. It's a very sad end to something that could have been prevented.
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In Singapore, we just shoot and talk later if he is still alive.
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It also goes to show how devastating losing a job means to many people. I think it is time that measures be implemented that grievances of employees be heard and their rights protected.
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What can you do if you met the stupid polices? I feel bad too....
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That is really sad and terrible
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I send condolences to the victims' families and friends. What a disgrace the police failed to act sooner.
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I'll bet HK is foaming at the mouth at all the reports of the during and aftermath that have surfaced. I'm hearing bits and pieces of what Mr. P reads in the Chinese news. Reporters allowed on the bus to take photos of the dead, media allowed to crack open the caskets of the dead, smiling president, not giving into the killer's demands to end the hostage situation, etc. Can't know why the police allowed the brother of the killer to do negotiations. Police shouldn't have let the situation escalate and making killer desperate. Should've have given in then thrown him into hospital for psych eval. Gosh, I feel worse and worse for the survivors and their families. No respect for the dead and their fams. Incompetence!
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Yes, unfortunately this situation was not played out correctly. Prayers to all.
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