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I'm not raising children the "local" way.

That's it. I'm not . The locals I've seen in Hong Kong are crazy. CRAZY .

Today, a lady came to me with her son who was slightly below average in height and she wanted to give him HORMONE injections so he could grow taller, to "fit in". Her son is 5.   I assessed him nutritionally and figured he wasn't eating all that healthily (rice and fish floss for breakfast?)...

This is just one of many incidents that show how ignorant and how crazy Hong Kong parents are. 1-year-olds are forced into interviews (I kid you not ) to get into "prestigious" preschools. 3-year-olds already have a "portfolio" or "resume" to enrol into kindergarten.

I'm not against prestigious schools nor am I against smart kids starting early in this world. What I'm concerned about is that locals here seem to have it upside down or backwards.

Case in point: 7-year-olds don't know how to tie their shoelaces because their maid does it for them every morning. I've seen local kids hit their mother on the subway without their mother scolding them back! Few kids here like reading books (I was scolded when I thought about getting some easy-read novels for MrAC's younger cousins. WTF? ). I have kids coming into the clinic- KIDS- who are anxious and suffer physical ailments (teeth-grinding, tummy aches, vomiting regularly) because they're overly stressed.

Does anyone else see a problem with this?!?! 

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i thought we had it bad in malaysia where kids are force to go to tuition and score strings of A-s, but the hongkies just hit several notch higher!!
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oh yeah...i know exactly where you're getting at. like my aunts in hong kong for example. there is like a really huge contrast on how they raised their 2 daughters. (my mom's younger sister has 2 daughters, my aunt or rather my mom's younger brother's wife has 2 daughters as well. both born within the same year.) my mom's sister does the whole positive encouragement schtick and my aunt does the whole forceful thing which u mentioned on ur blog just now (minus the hormones...haha...). my mom's sister's girls are in elite/prestigious schools and getting really good grades. my aunt's daughters, while still good, isn't doing as great as the other cousins. and they don't even get rest or any time for leisure. i tried talking to my aunt about letting them ease off a bit and she just shrugged it off. i guess there is no convincing in her.
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it sounds like it only happens in Asia?? that is crazy!!!!
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What? The easy-read novels interfered with the kids' more important activities? I understand the competitiveness of wanting their kids to get ahead in life by starting out as a student at a prestigious preschool. Kids are coddled in the name of studies - don't even have time to learn to take care of their basic needs bc studies are more important. I recall hearing a sad story about a teen unable to cope with stress from a broken relationship that he killed himself. I'm sure there was more to it than him not having developed a better coping system for sth not related to school-stress, but I think that's what the story was meaning to highlight. Your situation may be a little better off than most HK families bc I take it you and hubby both have passports from other countries. ? Most of them can't escape the craziness and have to play by it...
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scolded for giving books?!? i hope you turned around and smacked whatever retard would scold you for providing an educational gift. yes, the maids as proxy parents situation is not good... but i have to say, i think HK kids are less annoying in general than Japanese kids... :-P
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I felt stressful already reading your entry. Must be hell the kids have to go through. What does a 1 year old know about interviews? Gosh! Crazy ... I agree
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I thought my childhood was stressful but to see someone ask about hormone growth, that's just shocking, I never thought it could happen. I've seen terrible things with parents concerning getting their kids into Prestigious Schools, but never something quite like that or indeed at that age!
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stress.......pity the kids there...Hopefully majority of them out there do not have to go through this kind of life....
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i think i know why u are scolded for buying novels - coz in Cantonese books is called "shi" which the words is similar to loser ... This is what I learned recently from my Cantonese friends...Cheers....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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All this wanting to save 'face' among Hongkie parents is not doing the future generation any good. Hormone treatment at the age of 5, yikes...what has the HK world become... =S
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I know what you mean.. it's a messed up society for sure... too much to do, too little time. I find it strange to see a family outting... including the maid/nanny or whatever.
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Geez. That's intense, in a very bad way.
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