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Hello Again to Clubbing

So, it's the long weekend and the Branthouse had a special function last night (Actually, there were 2... The Citrus Flavor Event and some big May Bday bash morphed into one "Asian" night).... The Branthouse is supposedly more upscale, so a friend and I decided to go with some friends and friends of friends. We got on the guest list BUT by the time we arrived at the club (midnight?), the club was so packed there was a lockout. Basically, they were operating on a 1-person-out-1-person-in policy... And although we were on the guestlist, that was no longer in effect!

Anyway, met LOTSA people I haven't seen in ages... Actually, saw lotsa GUYS I haven't seen in ages. Haha... What happened to all the gals? Married? With kids? Eek... We had a good time... Didn't drink too much though. Some guy said I looked 19. YAY :) Not sure if he meant it or if he was just trying to make me happy. But oh well, both reasons are legit to me. Haha...  I think last night sparked up my clubbing appetite again though... YAY for summer!

Funny how I felt more comfy last night (probably b/c so many CBCs?)... More comfy than at past typical clubbing scenes in Toronto... 

*See below for pics

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Photo 18286
You do look young and pretty =). hehe. Yeah I had lot of fun at the SF film fest and i think Conroy is the funniest one in the group. hehehe. He was just enjoying himself and he was drinking while the Q&A was going on. haha I was so happy to see them all that nite. Don't know if I will have a chance again. Hopefully YES! hehehe
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
cute pics! =) doesn't seem like you are red-faced . ...
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hiiiiiiii lol.. you look just nice! very energetic!
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Photo 15891
You DO look young. At my friend Emily's bachelorette in Vegas (you can see the pic on my page), the guys in the clubs asked if we were over 18. It totally made our day...errr rather night :P.
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