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I got a call today from CITY LIFE MAGAZINE (Toronto's GTA regional magazine) and they asked if I wanted to be featured in their ASK AN EXPERT column for the next issue! They even asked me to send a photo... I'm sooooooo excited. This will definitely give me more exposure in the area. The last time I got something published publicly was my letter to the editor in TORONTO LIFE magazine in January!

Plus, my fiance is meeting up with the CEO of Eu Yan Sang tmr to discuss potential opportunities for me to start up integrative medical clinics in Asia. He's great... He's talked to VC's who are enthusiastic about bringing naturopathic medicine to Asia... And just the other day, he had lunch with the brother of Singapore's prime minister (alright, with a group of other VIPs but still!!!)... OMG, I'm so excited for him too!

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Congrats gal~gd luck
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Hey, congratulations!!! Lotsa good luck!!! Drinking sangria on a patio? uh..that must be in Sevilla..we dun have patios here :p We just drink sangria..anywhere, at dinner, in a bar...anywhere with friends :p
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you need to figure out a way to mention alivenotdead.com in the column.... :-P
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Je suis médecin. Absolutely love my profession (and seeing the occasional celebrity at work). Also love to blog, write for different magazines, play with my dog

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