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Attended a medical conference yesterday... Visited Starbucks twice (BTW, they DO have Lactaid milk as an option to regular milk, as I posted on Daniel Wu's blog- hope he was able to find a Lactaid-friendly Starbucks in NYC), took some fresh strawberries and brownies from the conference adjacent to ours (their food looked sooooooooo good! Haha, couldn't resist), went to Eaton Center (big shopping centre in downtown Toronto) to scope out deals but bought nothing... Met up with some friends for a ramen dinner and then hung out at my best friend's place for the evening.

Today was my church's 16th anniversary. My family was part of the group that branched out from another church to start this one. It was nice to see old pictures from the slideshow they made up for the occasion. How time flies. Then, got a chance to talk to an old friend (since 4 yrs old!) who's planning to go to Hong Kong to teach. I realize I will miss her SO much. I also realize she will be leaving her family, friends, everything she's called "home"... And then I realized that when I go back to Hong Kong (my fiance plans to go back- better career opportunities for him there), I too will leave my family, friends, clinic (omg), everything I've fricken called home!!! I immigrated from Hong Kong at an early age. Toronto is what I'm familiar with. I know my way in and around the streets, I know the subway station like the back of my hand (OK, maybe not!!!); I know where to hang out, where to go for BBtea, where to go for drinks, where to shop for stuff... My friends are here. My family is here. My home is here. OMG, I'm like freakin' out suddenly...

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The consolation is you can catch the cute Alive guys at HK hee :) HK is pretty easy to move around i guess, issit smaller than Toronto perhaps? But yeps, to completely move to a new place causes inertia...gd luck~ Dun worry.
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I'm sure you'll make plenty of new friends in HK in no time at all!
over 13 years ago
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no freak out gal, look frowards not backwards. sure u will make new frens in HK. ive been travelling around for a while. iz good to see different places. =)
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
when r u coming to hk? (when u titled ur blog "doubt" i thought u were talking to me)....
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Patrick is so egotistical. haha. You'll be fine in HK. Lots of good people all over the world. You'll feel at home soon enough.
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Oh you'll love HK! Well maybe not during the summer so much because it's icky, hot and humid. You won't find good BBtea either, but HK has a bunch of other good drinks. For BBtea, you might just have take a short 2 hour flight to Taipei.
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hahha, next time write a blog titled "peachey" but then talk about how everything is peachey keen! =P
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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
yeah...what's with all the HK ppl moving back to HK anyway? ever since that occurance is happening, i find myself needing to speak in mandarin more. in fact, i've been contemplating about moving to hong kong as well. despite my parents coming from there, i've never lived in HK ever and i can't stand the summer weather there but if it's for a job, i guess i have no other choice. i've been in toronto for my entire life so it's even harder for me to say goodbye to toronto. in hong kong, all i have are relatives and some long-lost friends i don't even talk to anymore.
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