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A photographer and a former Miss Hong Kong

Although I get my share of odd patients (such as those who give out "i-think-he-just-crossed-the-line" compliments or those who send me emails asking me to confirm the prescription instructions- a dozen times), I don't usually get frightened by them. But this morning, I was frightened. Or perhaps, freaked outis a better word.

My receptionist was nice enough to come in to tell me my next new patient had arrived. She usually just buzzed me in my room, but this time, she came in and said, "Your next patient is here." She lowered her voice and whispered, "He's weird."  Hmmm. I thanked her for the warning but didn't think too much of it.

The patient came in. A photographer. Long hair of which half was put messily in a ponytail. Blushed face. Quiet. Took his time answering questions. No eye contact. Would look at the ceiling or pick at a scab on his hand while talking to me. Lived in Hong Kong for the past 20 years. In a hotel. Nocturnal lifestyle. When he finally looked at me as he talked, shivers ran down my spine and I did everything in my power to stay calm and refrain from excusing myself from the room (more like, flee...  from what? Danger? A predator?). Part of me was thinking, "Don't be silly!"  But his mannerisms and behaviour just... freaked me out! Anyway, he warmed up a bit after a while, and even cracked some jokes. Perhaps I was overreacting... But as a female doctor, I can never be too careful.

There was a story about a crazy guy in Hong Kong who bought a dozen rosesto a female doctor. The receptionist let him into the doc's office, and the guy ended up robbing the entire clinic!

On a lighter note, I realized today that I've been treating a former Miss Hong Kong!  She's seen me several times, and even referred a couple of her friends to see me. She's still very beautiful despite her age (she's not THAT old), like most of the other "tai tai"s that I see.  I wouldn't have known that she was a former Miss Hong Kong (with apparently lots of news coverage back in her day!) if my colleague didn't tell me. She was like, "You DIDN'T know?!" Well, I just relocated to Hong Kong and I was barely a kid when the lady was in the news... Uh duh. But regardless, it's pretty cool. The fact she has referred her friends to come see me is even cooler.  

Chinese New Year is right around the corner. You can find festive decor EVERYWHERE!!!

Inside Broadway, an electronics store

Front Foyer

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i wonder how does the freaky guy look like...?
about 12 years ago
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I'm sure loads of regular people patients refer people to you and your clinic. I'll bet even the scary-looking ones do, too. ;P
about 12 years ago
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Cloud...he looks freaky, let me tell you....yup yup. heh. Can't ever be too careful being a girl I guess. Had a girl earlier telling me she couldn't even go to the gym on her college campus alone cuz she's a girl...what a sad world where girls can't even go workout alone anymore...sigh.
about 12 years ago
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ha ha, are you implying that artist types are weirdos? :-P
about 12 years ago
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the weird photographer does sound a bit weird... o.O yea, it's great to have people refer you to their friends... esp from someone with some status.. =) hehee... that's awesome!!!! OH! I love CNY... just started cleaning the house last night... more cleaning to do as the week progresses... hehee... =D
about 12 years ago
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Sometimes it's just better to go with your intuition! These days, you can never be too careful.
about 12 years ago
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it's good to be careful!!.. u never know who's out there.. there are a lot of strange ppl now a days.. hehehee.....
about 12 years ago
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Aw that's very nice of the former miss hong kong, shows how good you are!. As for the bloke, I hope he won't be a regular for you.
about 12 years ago
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Females in any profession always seem to need to be more cautious than their male counterparts. It's just not fair. Cool about the former Miss HK though :)
about 12 years ago


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