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I'm not raising children the "local" way.

That's it. I'm not . The locals I've seen in Hong Kong are crazy. CRAZY .

Today, a lady came to me with her son who was slightly below average in height and she wanted to give him HORMONE injections so he could grow taller, to "fit in". Her son is 5.   I assessed him nutritionally and figured he wasn't eating all that healthily (rice and fish f...Read more

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Finally settled in...

Sorry, I've been MIA lately.  But I'm happy to say I've finally moved into my new place  (we bought this time, so hopefully, no more moves... for a while ). I'm definitely enjoying the ample  green space and quietness here.

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"No thumbs, no thumbs!"

"Sometimes, it's so hard to be pretty..."

The sexy David Beckham on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

HILARIOUS CLIP... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In9XbjyCbnY&feature=share


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What would you do if you were dying? INTERESTING HEALTH NEWS FROM NZ



Seeing people in real life and in the news benefit from intravenous vitamin C is already proof... If we waited for Big Pharma to do studies on this (and why would they ever fund studies on natural products when there's no profit for them? What's in it for them?), this guy- and ma...Read more

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I'm the one who usually feeds Bella but due to my recent illness(es), that responsibility was given to MrAC. I thought Bella gained a tummy these past few weeks and thought that someone was feeding Bella a little  too much.  Little did I know that BELLA was the one who was FEEDING herself when she was home aloneTHROUGH THIS HOLE SHE CHEWED OUT OF HER DOG FOOD BAG!!!! Read more

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Chicken fajitas and congee, please!

I stayed home yesterday to recover (I'm feeling a lot better now). I became quite delirious last night and began craving CHICKEN FAJITAS fromPickel Barrel in Canada. I also thought of my mom's homemade congee with conpoy and other bits of seafood delicacies.  My cravings were so bad that I had to get up in the middle of the night to eat a piece of whole grain bread with cheese ...Read more

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Sick again! The hazards of being a doc in Hong Kong

I try my best not to get sick. I wash my hands between and after all patients. I wear a mask when I see sick patients (parents and kids who've come in for the past few weeks have all been sick!). I try to stay as far away as possible from those who are hacking their lungs out on the MTR or on the streets. I even turn my head away if I know the person sitting next to me is sick.

Yet I am sick again.  This time, a strain of rhinovirus ...Read more

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JAY CHOU MANIA- 10 years and counting

My first encounter with Jay Chou 周杰倫happened in Toronto, in a small karaoke room 9 (10?) years ago. I was with a group of people singing our hearts out. Suddenly, the ever-so-catchy "Tornado" 龍捲風 song came on. I didn't know who Jay Chouwas at that time, but after listening to that song, I soon knew all his songs and sang them at karaoke (or got one of the guys to Read more

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It could've happened to any one of us

It could've happened to any one of us. Family or friends come and visit Hong Kong, or perhaps you come to visit Hong Kong. You decide to visit Manila and join a sightseeing tour. You have a great time. And on the final day of the trip, you are taken hostage by a crazy guy with a rifle. The event ends in a brutal, tragic bloodbath.

The scary thing was, why didn't the police force do anything (until the end)??? Why wasn't anything done to try to rescue the hostages? Why were they s...Read more

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The things in Hong Kong that still ANNOY me...

Despite loving life in Hong Kong, there are still a few things that ANNOY me :

1) People puffing second-hand smoke into your face. I'm sure they don't mean to- it's not like they do it on purpose, usually- but since Hong Kong sidewalks are typically 2 feet wide (!!!), there's not much room, is there? I just wish more would quit smoking...  <-- Not cool when t...Read more

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Je suis médecin. Absolutely love my profession (and seeing the occasional celebrity at work). Also love to blog, write for different magazines, play with my dog

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