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I'm not raising children the "local" way.

That's it. I'm not . The locals I've seen in Hong Kong are crazy. CRAZY .

Today, a lady came to me with her son who was slightly below average in height and she wanted to give him HORMONE injections so he could grow taller, to "fit in". Her son is 5.   I assessed him nutritionally and figured he wasn't eating all that healthily (rice and fish floss for breakfast?)...

This is just one of many incidents that show how ignorant and how crazy Hong Kong parents are. 1-year-olds are forced into interviews (I kid you not ) to get into "prestigious" preschools. 3-year-olds already have a "portfolio" or "resume" to enrol into kindergarten.

I'm not against prestigious schools nor am I against smart kids starting early in this world. What I'm concerned about is that locals here seem to have it upside down or backwards.

Case in point: 7-year-olds don't know how to tie their shoelaces because their maid does it for them every morning. I've seen local kids hit their mother on the subway without their mother scolding them back! Few kids here like reading books (I was scolded when I thought about getting some easy-read novels for MrAC's younger cousins. WTF? ). I have kids coming into the clinic- KIDS- who are anxious and suffer physical ailments (teeth-grinding, tummy aches, vomiting regularly) because they're overly stressed.

Does anyone else see a problem with this?!?! 

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Finally settled in...

Sorry, I've been MIA lately.  But I'm happy to say I've finally moved into my new place  (we bought this time, so hopefully, no more moves... for a while ). I'm definitely enjoying the ample  green space and quietness here.

Doesn't look like Hong Kong, does it?

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"No thumbs, no thumbs!"

"Sometimes, it's so hard to be pretty..."

The sexy David Beckham on the Ellen DeGeneres show.



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What would you do if you were dying? INTERESTING HEALTH NEWS FROM NZ


Seeing people in real life and in the news benefit from intravenous vitamin C is already proof... If we waited for Big Pharma to do studies on this (and why would they ever fund studies on natural products when there's no profit for them? What's in it for them?), this guy- and many others- would be dead.



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I'm the one who usually feeds Bella but due to my recent illness(es), that responsibility was given to MrAC. I thought Bella gained a tummy these past few weeks and thought that someone was feeding Bella a little  too much.  Little did I know that BELLA was the one who was FEEDING herself when she was home aloneTHROUGH THIS HOLE SHE CHEWED OUT OF HER DOG FOOD BAG!!!!



We found this big hole today.   The hole was facing a cart (on the other side), so we weren't aware of it... until today! No wonder she always went into her doggie room. We thought she was only sniffing around! I don't know if I'd say she's smart or just a glutton (seriously, she's always tailing us for food and we think the poor little thing must be soooo hungry being home alone all day!)- but one thing's for sure... We shouldn't keep our eyes off her even for a second! Do not be fooled by her cute, innocent look!!!  


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Chicken fajitas and congee, please!

I stayed home yesterday to recover (I'm feeling a lot better now). I became quite delirious last night and began craving CHICKEN FAJITAS fromPickel Barrel in Canada. I also thought of my mom's homemade congee with conpoy and other bits of seafood delicacies.  My cravings were so bad that I had to get up in the middle of the night to eat a piece of whole grain bread with cheese to satisfy my grumbling tummy.  Today, for lunch, I went to the Starbucks to get this:

A smoked chicken and spinach wrap- the closest thing to chicken fajitas I could find within a 5-minute walk!!! Of course, it wasn't the same thing... So I'm going to hafta visit a Mexican restaurant this weekend for my chicken fajitas!

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Sick again! The hazards of being a doc in Hong Kong

I try my best not to get sick. I wash my hands between and after all patients. I wear a mask when I see sick patients (parents and kids who've come in for the past few weeks have all been sick!). I try to stay as far away as possible from those who are hacking their lungs out on the MTR or on the streets. I even turn my head away if I know the person sitting next to me is sick.

Yet I am sick again.  This time, a strain of rhinovirus has given me cold and cough symptoms. Though this is mild compared to the Fifth Disease (Parvovirus B19 infection) that I caught in August, I'm still upset that I'm getting sick this often.  Back in Toronto, I used to get sick merely once or twice a year. This year, I've already caught at least 3 infections. I guess the high density population and hot/ humid weather in Hong Kong don't help... ARRRGHHHHH....  


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JAY CHOU MANIA- 10 years and counting

My first encounter with Jay Chou 周杰倫happened in Toronto, in a small karaoke room 9 (10?) years ago. I was with a group of people singing our hearts out. Suddenly, the ever-so-catchy "Tornado" 龍捲風 song came on. I didn't know who Jay Chouwas at that time, but after listening to that song, I soon knew all his songs and sang them at karaoke (or got one of the guys to )!

And finally, I got to see him in concert last night in Hong Kong. It was his last show (he had like 7 to 8 shows this time? Craziness!). Sure, his voice was crackin' a bit at times, but  his performance was suberb nonetheless.  A-Mei 張惠妹 was the concert guest! WHAT A TREAT!!!  I was catapulted into a storm of memories as they sang popular songs from the 2000s...  One of my favourites from him is  可愛女人 (Cute Gal) but he didn't sing it.  Sooo, I'm gonna post the MTV here :

My HK$900 ticket got me sitting 2 rows behind Janice Man, a colleague of the hot and talented Aarif Lee 李治廷.  Didn't see Aarif though (he's in Malaysia right now attending some awards function. )We also saw Joyce Tang 滕麗名 (my friend bumped into her in the washroom too ). Joyce Tang walked right past us as she was exiting... She is very slim and tall (and beautiful, of course!). Didn't take many photos (was too busy enjoying the show) but here are a few from my crappy camera phone:


I wouldn't mind going to see Jay Chou in concert again!

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It could've happened to any one of us

It could've happened to any one of us. Family or friends come and visit Hong Kong, or perhaps you come to visit Hong Kong. You decide to visit Manila and join a sightseeing tour. You have a great time. And on the final day of the trip, you are taken hostage by a crazy guy with a rifle. The event ends in a brutal, tragic bloodbath.

The scary thing was, why didn't the police force do anything (until the end)??? Why wasn't anything done to try to rescue the hostages? Why were they so slow and incompetent? People's LIVES were at stake!!! They had more than EIGHT hours and we all see from TV coverage that the hostage-taker appeared quite calm and restrained near the beginning. Why did it take so long for the police to respond? If the police were able to shoot him at the end, AFTER he killed so many innocent lives, why hadn't they shot him earlier BEFORE he went utterly mad??? Why didn't they just oblige to the hostage-taker's demands so that LIVES could be saved? It wasn't even MONEY that he wanted- he just wanted to be reinstated!

AND WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THAT CRAZY GUY TAKE HONG KONG TOURISTS AS HOSTAGE????? I mean, he didn't even know them, they weren't Filipino- what made him think that his government would give him what he wanted if he took hostages from Hong Kong??? 

My heart and prayers go out to all the victims, all the survivors, their families and loved ones. The ones who risked and sacrificed their lives to save others are to be commended. The survivors have a long way to recovery, that is, if they are ever able to recover from such a tragic, traumatic event. I think all people in Hong Kong are feeling the same way I'm feeling right now- sadness, anger, shock, disappointment... And if we are mourning this way, how much more affected are those who've lost loved ones in this hostage-taking....  May the victims rest in peace.

How unpredictable and fragile life is. 



 Manila shooting, Hong Kong hostage in Manila, Hong Kong tourists taken hostage, Manila hostage tragedy      

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The things in Hong Kong that still ANNOY me...

Despite loving life in Hong Kong, there are still a few things that ANNOY me :

1) People puffing second-hand smoke into your face. I'm sure they don't mean to- it's not like they do it on purpose, usually- but since Hong Kong sidewalks are typically 2 feet wide (!!!), there's not much room, is there? I just wish more would quit smoking...  <-- Not cool when the air quality is already 10 times over the limits! How long will my lungs last???

2) Things that fall from above, especially drips of dirty water (we can only HOPE it's water)/ condensation from the built-in air conditioners overhead. It happens all the time. It's particularly bad when it splatsright on your face/ nose/ cheeks... I guess it's still better than bird crap.  I heard on the news once that a lady fell off the balcony/ ledge of her apartment, and crushed a lady passing by below. Both died.

3) The Hong Kong real estate market.  Housing prices have soared over 30% since the financial crisis in 2008 and are now nearing (if not already having reached) levels right before the 1997 economic crisis/ bubble. People are buying property here as though they're buying vegetables at the market. I kid you not. There are even bids on properties, so say the seller's asking price was $1.3M US for a 1000sqft apartment in a decent neighbourhood. The seller can end up selling for more than $1.3M because there are severalpotential buyers. And then the other 1000sqft apartments for sale in that complex (naturally) raise their asking prices up 2 to 5%. You would think that $1.3M is a lot of money (My goodness, it's a lot of money to ME! )- but apparently not in this Asian financial hub. Where do these people come from??? Arrrghhh.

Sure, there are clear signs and warnings of a real estate bubble ahead (now? )- We've been warned enough at the beginning of the year.And I've been waiting for the market to cool down. At least a bit. But instead, it's continuing its steady rise. And with the strong mainlanders (rich folks from China)' continuous real estate investments in Hong Kong, will we see an actual "bubble"? Or just a "correction"? Or will it just cool down a bit and level off?...    

Sigh. So, I try to put the annoying things aside and focus on the MANY   lovelies in Hong Kong... such as this one.

Umm. Yeah, the focus is wrong (on her feet instead of her head), but it's still a cute pic, IMO! :)


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