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Already in my third and last year :D

Hehe it's a while since I last updated with a blog entry XD  Well since last time I've now finished my second year of high school and been in my third year since August and I'm looking forward to finally finish high school :) It's not that it's bad it's just that it can be tiring and sometimes there's a lot of homework to be done... The only thing is... I don't know what to do when I do finish school this year around June... XD I think I'll take a year off and find some work to earn som...Read more

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Drivers license

Hey :D  Yay! I finally got my drivers license yesterday (Monday), which is such a relief since I failed the first time last Monday because I was too nervous and fumbled around... I know there isn't anything to be nervous about and since it was second time I knew what should happen and I could relax a bit :)Now that's out of my head and I can relax a little... well, not really... XD I still have to train my horse and then I'm going to England next week for a holiday, which I really look forward too :D Don't know yet what me and...Read more

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Hmmm... Random things XD haha

Well... This is actually the first time I try and write a blog entry XD haha I don't really know what to write... >.<  I decided it was finally time to post an entry since it's already over 400 days since I joined XD Today I handed in a big assignment on 10 pages excluding the frontpage, litterature list and so on... I finished it just yesterday evening and had my mom to check it through for spelling and grammar mistakes, which ended up taking hours and I could first go to bed at around 2:30am and I had to wake up ...Read more

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November 28, 2009