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Let's support F4 together

F4專輯【Waiting For You】台灣版團體預購活動

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F4新專輯【Waiting For You】台灣版將於本年12月28日發行,是項自發性預購活動由《台灣/香港最愛言承旭家族》、《吳建豪國際後援會》、《朱孝天國際專屬後援會》、《仔仔動力聯盟》全力合辦。(後援會先後次序根據4子年齡由大至小排列)









(中國大陸) http://www.vannesswu.org/bbs/redirect.php?tid=4178&goto=newpost






Immediate Action for F4 3rd album (TW version)


This is a preorder project for F4’s third album (prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Taiwanversion) to be released on28/12/2007. The project is carried out jointly by jerryyan.org (Love Jerry’s Family); vannesswu.org (VIFC); kenchu.com.tw (KCIFC) and vicpower.net.tw (Vic Power). (Name of fan clubs are listed in the order of their age sequence)


The duration of the project is from immediately till 18pm,20 December 2007


If you wish to support F4, please visit the following link for more information:



We sincerely hope all F4 fans around the world will support in this new album and wish it will achieve an excellent result!

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Yes, I support F4~~~! It sounds good! All F4 fans around the world will support in this new album. we are the one.
about 13 years ago
Photo 37783
Alice this is what VANN called "ONE LOVE"...thanks so much....
about 13 years ago
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Hi Alice, Me and my sis will join in the pre-order to show the world that F4 still ROCKS!!! hehehe...=D... its time to called out all F4 fans from all over the world to unite as one to show F4 our fullest supports...they will be amaze to see the power of their fans...hehehe...=P
about 13 years ago
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wow! THE TIME HAS COME!!! Hope seeing you in TW again! Pleasure to support F4!!! LOVE☆
about 13 years ago


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