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New Day...New Look

Hi everyone,

 I hope you are doing well!!! So here we are a new day!!! Got a possible job opportunity this week doing training as a call rep for J.P Morgan Chase this week thanks to a friend of my father's. All I have to do is apply pretty much since I'm getting a referral. So we'll see what happens

 Well, as the title says..it does say "New Look". A very important lesson is learned here: DO NOT BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY CUT YOUR OWN HAIR!!! Don't worry, ...Read more

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A Fun Mother's Day

Hi everyone,

 I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!!! Today, Amanda went in the pool and I relaxed by poolside. When Jessa woke up from her nap, I brought Jessa downstairs and she spent time in the pool with Mommy

 Jessa has become a fearless little girl. What she did was astounding. She actually jumped in the pool in Amanda's arms. She would get on the top step and jump off into Amanda's hands. She even jumped off the edge into Amanda's hands. She turned...Read more

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Four Events in One Day!!!

Wow!!! Who could imagine that there would be not one...not two....not three, but FOUR major things that happened today???

First things first... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAYto all the mommies out there which brings me to number two..

Got the word that Angie Tsang and Sidney Chan have just became the parents of a baby girl named Winsome. I already sent Sidney and Angie a congratulations but I will say it again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!I w...Read more

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I Just Had To Laugh...

Hey everyone,

 Today is a very special day. Amanda and I are celebrating five years since the day we met. We met on May 10, 2003. I can't believe it's been 5 years already. So I know she is going to see this, but Amanda, Happy Anniversary!!! I bought her a rose this morning

 So something hilarious happened. I was on the Kung Fu Cinema forums (those who know me there know me also as AlbertV) and we had a discussion of the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Kickboxer. One me...Read more

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More Artwork...

Hey everyone,

 I hope everyone has a great weekend I wish I was in Hong Kong to attend the awesome 1st Anniversary party for AnD. Since I can't make it, I want to give a big Happy Anniversary to the site...in the past month I have been here, it has been great making new friends and getting to know everyone on here. It has been great.

 Well, I spent most of today drawing...I came up with an interesting idea...I did four drawings (my preliminary Hulk drawing was up this morning)....Read more

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Check It Out!!!

Good morning everyone...

I hope everyone is doing great today. I have some great news. Last night, I asked my wife if she wanted to join the site as she has been a fan of stars like Jet Li and Daniel Wu. She agreed and I helped her with her profile. She also wrote her first blog.

Here is my wife's AnD page:


Check it out and welcome her to AnD when you have a chance

I'll probab...Read more

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Hi everyone...how I got into kung fu films

Hi everyone,

 I thought I'd give a little shoutout to everyone here I've been here a little over a month and have already gotten some great friends here on this site. I am so happy to meet my new buddies here on AnD. So here's what's been going on...

 My parents took A.J. to the supermarket with them. He is a growing little boy. He is almost 10 months old and he is already the height and weight of a 1 year old. He's been trying to craw...Read more

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Fun Weekend...

Hi everyone,

 I hope you all are doing well. Well, let's start off by saying thyat I didn't get the job at the library, but that's okay. The person who interviewed me told me of another job opening in the library and she told the supervisor to look for my application. She actually was going to recommend me. So I applied and we'll see what happens.

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Time in the Pool

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. Today was quite an interesting day. Amanda was able to get some layouts done. One of her favorite hobbies is scrapbooking and she loves it. In the past year and a half she must have done over 500 layouts. While she worked on her layouts, I have been revamping my Asian Impact Cinema website ( http://asianimpact.ulmb.com), with a new layout design that looks pretty nice.

After dinner (which Amanda and I cooked together, mashed ...Read more

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Amanda's Coming Home!!! WOOHOO!!

Hey everyone,

 I hope everyone is doing well!!!! I am so excited. In about 30 minutes, I'm off to the airport to pick up Amanda. God I really missed her!!! The kids miss her too. It has been a rough week and a half without her here. However, we made it through and I can't wait to see her again. She told me she took something like 700 pictures from the trip...literally!!!!!

 Today, I learned that Andy On was a member of AnD and I was excited!!! Ever since I saw Black Mask 2, I knew he had potential ...Read more

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