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Mariluz Sanchez

Dark Red Rose (Just wrote this)

 Dark Red Rose

Dark red rose where is the beauty of your love hiding?

drowned in offenses, in recollections, in the sewers of your soul

Dark red rose your passion burning brightly..

yet the days can be lonely and the nights they grow old

Dark red rose ever so striking..

yet your image is marred in the taverns of your heart

Dark red rose a sweet smelling aroma..

even when your petals darken and crumble in woe


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More Than Words



'Queen Victoria'


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Short Story

As I perched behind 'the divide' between my nestling and I, I clung on with my claws and peered through it with my beak on the other side.  (The divide that keeps the strangers away (and the parents as well), it was also to keep order among the nestlings.)  I couldn't help but feel a sense of separation and authority being taken away, especially when I tried to fly through the divide but I was stopped by one of the 'guardians' before entering fully in.  Although, angered and ready to claw their eyes out, I composed myself and hoped they would be responsible with our nestlings that we leave so carefully in their care.  Normally, the mother would be the one to teach her nestling to fly, but now their taken away for half the day to be taught by someone else.  In some cases this is welcomed but for other parents they prefer to do the teaching.  It is the natural way things usually work.  There was my beautiful and extraordinary nestling, with her little heart fluttering in the wind.  When I flew her to the 'ABC SCHOOL OF FLYING', I watched her as she glided to her line of eager school companions.  I took my place within the ever-watchful, ever-present adult birds that crowded this side of the divide.  Maybe they were like I...  As I was clinging on and peering through I watched how many different species of little nestlings were fluttering about in the wind, each one were arrayed in different colors:  purple, yellow, orange, pink, brown, black, red, white and green.  Altogether it was a picturesque scene.  At first the noise of their voices sounded cluttered and indistinct but as I lay my head to the side and listened carefully I start to hear a melody.  So many different kinds of voices were filling the air, their voices singing their eager song.  Altogether a lovely orchestra filling the ‘ABC Bird Coupe’ and beyond the division, I listened as I was bathed in the cool breeze and breathed in the magnificence of it all.  I watched my little darling as she sang so confidently to her friends, looking so beautiful with long white fluffy feathers flowing down her back.  The nestlings began to go into the school den line by line, as my nestling glided to the den I had hoped that she would wave her little wing to me as if to say goodbye but alas this did not happen today, yet I was happy she was getting along so well with the others.  Once she was out of sight I quickly flew away, back to our den in the coolness of the day.

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Amor Falso

Una flor en la escuridad era mi corazon..

Siempre amaneciendo en soledad..

Extendiendo la mano..

A un amor que no podia alcanzar..

Me tire alfrente de ti...

Pero me encontre en tu sombra..

Persona no habia mas poco importante que mi..

Y tu lo negaba..

Decias que una vez me amaste..

Pero nunca era verdad..

No soy la misma de ayer..

La sombra de un confundido hombre hamas..


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