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^^Acting lessons^^ Part 2

So my second teacher, who was a very talented and famous European theatre and TV actress, had this charming aura of a veteran actress, which nearly took your breath away. Before meeting her for the first time in person I was too scared that she will be a diva and that I wouldn't be able to perform the way I wanted to in front of her~~It was so pleasantly surprising to me that she was actually a very normal, approachable and helpful teacher, even though she is a veteran actress, not even for one second did she make me feel uncomf...Read more

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^^Acting lessons^^ Part 1

Lately I have been trying to clear my mind out...After so many acting classes, I really want to give myself the time to understand what I have learnt and what I have gained out of all those classes. Well first of all, to begin with, the first teacher I met was an ex actor and theatre director...The most important lesson I learnt from him is that discipline comes first! An actor must always be focused, always be willing to sacrifice for his role~~Never be late on meetings and/or rehearsals, never be too much of himself, never be stif...Read more

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Life is short. Follow your dreams until the end. Follow all your dreams, live passionately, dream on and believe in this world. We can make it better. Let's ju

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