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surprises surprises

i cant believe that alan kuo is getting married..!!!!but i wish him the best and i hope that he and his fiance will have or live a happily ever after!!

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chopin's wonderful world of music

im gonna try playing chopin's waltz number 7 on piano...the whole thing...im rly inspired by jay chou and yuhao's skills..im also really inspired by their hard work in not giving up and their bility to play the piano that well...btw...did u guys know that the word piano is italian?

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school school school

sorta been worn out by school...so tired of school...its been stressing me out so much.btw..gotta write a journal everyday for english...so..i guess i can just use that to put into my blog..ive been saying that for like 10 million times but ive never rly done it..

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sheezz...summer school is almost over!!!4 more days

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Blog: Saturday, Jun 25

putting color into my hair!!love highlights!<3

just got a haircut and trimmed my bangs. its been 2 yrs since i had my haircut. but i trimmed my bangs every couple months. but i just didnt cut the rest of my hair for 2 yrs. my mom decided it was time for me to cut my hair so i agreed since i get my hair done for free. my parents are hairstylists!!so whenever i have hair crisis i could just call my mom and shell fix it for me!

btw..u guys should go to annie hair design in monterey park california. thats where my mom...Read more

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please help!

Can you guys please help me pray for my grandma's health? i am not a christian but i do believe that sometimes praying can help and i also believe that if you let god help you he will. So...can you guys pray for her? thanks!

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thank you eunhyuk!!

Thank you eunhyuk!!!love you!!

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sunday may 29,2011

hey guys!!!gotta keep my word on blogging everyday!!todays boring..uploaded pics on facebook the whole day!!and then tried to finish hw..but still working on hw..omg..in love with chris brown's song so cold.

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Long Time No see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long Time No see!!!!!been extremely busy lately with all the school work..havent been keeping my word about typing the journal entries i wrote in my notebook..which was like only 3-4 entries..but i dont wanna cuz it was a little too personal...lol..i'll try blogging daily from now on..if i remember..

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兩天都沒辦法睡覺!!!so tired....woke up at 4 something in the morning..man...btw..havent blogged in a long time...lol..

in taiwan right now...so happy!!back in my hometown!!

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