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Given that I'm one of those self-declared nerdy matured lady who's technically challenged on the computer, I've taken the plunge and joined FaceBook.   Wow!! it's so addictive but we still need to be aware of "stranger-danger"  and I can't help but wonder how the now-generation stay in touch  24/7.  Everyone has something to say within a 12-hour turnaround and it's scary.  What's the first and last thing they do when they awake and go to bed ??  turn on their computer or mobile phone.  Think of it, there's o...Read more

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Missing The Boat 4x Over

I'm pretty upset as I'm typing this right now.  Since the beginning of the year  I was planning to take another 10day holiday in HKG in/around July or November (the last was Chinese New Year 2008).  My budget took a beating when I had to return to Singapore in late June  to see my grandmother cause she fell and needed some hip surgery.   Due to complications, a 5 day trip was extended to 12 and more $$$ cause I had to change the flight.    To make matters worse, 2 days after my return, I caught the flu - probably I was alread...Read more

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Finally, my first blog!

Hi there, yes, I've finally come around to my first blog entry.  It's a beautiful winter's day today, hovering around 18C, no rain.  Would be lovely to have a picnic but unfortunately been working too hard lately and have just recovered from my first flu in 5 years.  Taking things easy for a while, well, not really........You see,  I've been naughty and been watching dvds all night long.  Got my hands on a couple of old movies by Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao called Millionaire's Express and Righting Wrongs (the latter ...Read more

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June 4, 2008