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richard cornwall

Who are you?

Just wondering i've had over 11 thousand people visit my profile. Do you have faces? don't hide let me see you. Just saying.

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Good week part2

On the back of my previuos entry i've been in another  production this time it's a Bollywood flick called Tezz which is being filmed around the UK for 2011 release. Plot is similar to that of speed but on a train from Glasglow Scotland to London. I play the role as the trains chef. And now im pleased to say i got the chance to be in the next 4 movies. Happy days.

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This has been agood week

This has been agood week just finished filming my biggest role todate in a movie called Tribe with Ronnie Fox ( lockstock and two smoking barrels ) David Essex singer/actor  And next week i start on another film.

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thought i would share

Thought i would share this short film i did with a friend of mine. No fights or wushu but i have more to come.


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These last few days i have been in Tianjin which has been fun i have been a guest speaker at a friends school talking about myself and the UK were i'm from. I'm not know for my public speaking (or much else) but this was surprisingly exciting.And a class of 12 and 13 years soon warmed to me as time went by. Tomorrow i travel to Beijing were i meet more friends and see some sights. 

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